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There are many shipwrecks off the south coast of Brighton, especially around the Greenwich Light Vessel. This is a popular place to fish as there are a lot of shipwrecks around it. A lot of these wrecks were found by local trawlers that work in these areas. This is why a lot of the wrecks have been named after the skipper who found the wreck in the first place. Some of the wrecks that I have fished have turned out to be uncharted, so they do not get fished very much and can hold quite a few Cod, Pollack and Conger. In these areas southwest of Brighton, there is also the ability to catch big Ling in the deep waters.

The Greenwich Light Vessel is in the English Channel within the Traffic Separation Zone off the east coast of Sussex. It is located at Lat 50.24.538N Long 000.00.095W. This light ship is owned and maintained by the UK meteorological office and is used in the shipping forecast on Radio Four. We use this vessel to get our weather forecast, especially when we go to these deep water wrecks during the months of January to March.


These wrecks hold a lot of Pollack which we catch using the 'gilling' technique. This is where we drift over the wreck when the tide is running using a 'lure'; such as a 'shad or red gills', on an 8ft flowing trace attached to a boom and an 8oz lead. Another way to fish is by using a chrome pirk with a treble hook at the end. You would position it near the bottom and then lift the pirk over the top of the wreck so you do not snag it and lift it up and down a few feet. This is a good way of catching Cod.


When we fish the wreck you find that the Cod or Pollack can be anywhere on the wreck. Sometimes they are up tide of the wreck or on the top, and on a big tide they can sit along way past the back of the wreck, especially when it is a big tide. This is because they are waiting for the smaller fish, such as sprats to come over the wreck with the tide, then the fish ambush them. That is why this gilling technique works well. The other way to fish is to drop anchor and fish bit baits in to the superstructure of the heart of the wreckage. We would use cuttlefish or mackerel baits. This is how we would fish to catch Conger, Cod and big Ling. We fish at anchor around April to October. This is a good way to fish wrecks and we find the smaller tides fish best, as it helps the angler to hold the bottom of the seabed with their lead weight. Smaller tides have less current pulling the leads we use, which are normally 1lb to 2lb, with a boom and a trace of 300lb mono and an 8.0 hook size.

More Wrecks Facts Coming Soon...

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