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At Brighton Fishing Trips, we respect your privacy whether you're a first-time visitor or an established client. We do collect information from you, but our policy is to ensure that all personal information remains private to the extent that customers and visitors wish it to remain private. To earn your trust in Brighton Fishing Trips, we are disclosing our privacy practices and the uses of the information we gather.

To protect your privacy, Brighton Fishing Trips:

Will use personal identifying information about you in a manner consistent with this Privacy Notice.


Brighton Fishing Trips collects information from all visitors to our site, including their IP address and domain particulars to show geographical location statistics, also referring URL's, search engine request criteria, operating systems and browser software, as well as dates and times spent viewing individual pages and link following statistics. This information reflects the population as a whole rather than focusing on individuals, and we use it to identify the most popular pages and other areas on our website to evaluate the effectiveness of our promotional activities.

We also use this information to perform statistical analyses of collective characteristics and behaviour, so we can measure overall visitor demographics and interests regarding this site.

Whilst recording email and other personal details, Brighton Fishing Trips does not collect e-mail addresses of people who communicate with us via e-mail for the purpose of building an email list - we use these only to respond to them, relating to specific requests submitted by them. It is our strict policy not to exchange, trade or sell email addresses to anyone and you will not receive unsolicited mail as a direct result from entering your email address whilst requesting a particular service other than the requested information.

We collect this information at points where you are requesting a service, and such information will be used only for the purposes stated at the location of the collection, and/or within this Privacy Statement. When we collect personal identifying information, you will always have the choice of whether or not to provide it. However, you may not be able to receive certain services or facilities without providing the information requested.

We use this information for administrative and other purposes that we believe are necessary to maintain, improve and enhance our services.


Information collected by Brighton Fishing Trips is stored offline on secure servers and access is limited to authorised personnel only.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Notice please
contact us.

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